Kia ora. I'm a Wellington-based freelance cinematographer, camera operator + storyteller. I've been involved in the New Zealand film and television industry for the past 10+ years, working throughout the country on a broad range of projects from drama to documentary, and everything in-between.

I'm deeply passionate about the craft and hold a certain reverence to capturing moving images— seeking frames and shaping light to form emotionally connected stories of people and place. I have a long held attraction to cinema and its power to cut across the divides and present lasting memories of constructed worlds that transcend time and place.

Films open up new worlds to audiences as much as they do to the film-maker. The medium allows you and the people watching to create a deep connection and involvement with the subject matter. The layers of a film can also create a real visceral experience and engagement. They have the power to move you, to take you beyond the moment, especially when they are relatable and immersive. Films take you on a journey to change something in you by the end.

There's a tangible groundswell of creative energy when like-minded folk come together and collaborate with a sense of shared vision and a common goal of making something from nothing except imagination and determination. Bringing stories to life through the creative process with a skilled and dedicated team is real treat to be involved with.

I'm open to the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded artists, creators and collectives who are interested in pursuing similar ends, producing interesting and novel content for receptive audiences.


— Reece Baker


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